No, we don't have 9 lives...yet.
Ideal Class Thief or Ranger
Max Health 98%
Max Mana 95%
Defense 100%
Melee Damage 110%
Melee Crit Damage 95%
Ranged Damage 105%
Ranged Crit Damage 102%
Magic Damage 85%
Magic Crit Damage 90%
Mana Cost 100%
Movement Speed 115%
Action Time 100%
Attack Speed 100%
Melee Speed 115%
Mining Speed 100%
Race Skills Double Jump
Special Attributes None

 The Zugitak are one of the nine races of the N Terraria mod. They have the ability to jump twice, and can move faster than most races in the game. Because of this, the best classes a Zugitak can play are the Thief and Ranger. However, you are not limited to just these!

The Zugitak have a choice between different tails (N Terraria 2~5)