This mod allows the character to create a custom zone, zones allows you to demark some structure and area with a custom biome name and music. but when this goes with the Throne room it allows the player to create a kingdom. Currently this feature is still buggy - DO NOT TRY THIS ON MULTIPLAYER AS IT WILL CORRUPT YOUR SERVER!

Citizens will gradually begin to increase, as of yet there is no way of increasing it's rate or any requirements.

Once a player has created their kingdom, they can open the zone and see slots at the bottom similar to their ability slots, here a player can place items that they want to see. All items will have an automatic price and when another player purchases the item the owner of the kingdom will gain tax that he/she may collect. Once all the items that were put on for sale have been sold the player can remove the item from the slot and may they wish to sell it again, just place it back into the slot. When items are placed into the slot they are 'duplicated' for a price.

Ps:. Can only have up to 30 Zones on the same world.

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