Zeta Scythe
V4-v5 zeta scythe
"Show's to the target, the path way to oblivion." Made by ZetaXeta
Type Melee weapon
Sub Type scythe
Damage 55
Critical Chance 4%
Speed snail
Knockback insane
Dropped by Skeletron prime
Crafted with Cannot be crafted
Crafted on Cannot be crafted


Zeta Scythe is one of the least powerful weapons available on its tier. To be able to defeat the boss which drops the weapon, you should already have far stronger weapons. The low speed is not made up for in damage, because even hard mode ore-tier weapons do more damage, and also swing faster. Couple this with the fact that the weapon cannot be reforged, there is no way to make the weapon powerful enough to be considered for use.


  • On the Zeta Scythes Flavor text it says it's made by ZetaXeta thus it's named by ZetaXeta. ZetaXeta helped with the creation of N Terraria by providing Madra Rua sprites.
    V2 Zeta Scythe
  • This is the sprite of the Zeta Scythe from V2 from V4 and onwards the sprite was Replaced with a refined one.

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