Warrior is a melee class , they seem to be good with sword and mount.

-Skill:mount mastery: passive  : increase your combat abilities by attacking using a mount.

power increase by 8% . Also by 4% for each level.

-Sword experience : Increase your fighting abilities with slashing types weapons.

increase pierce and immunity by 1 per skill skill level

-Mount stomp: passive :stomp nearest ennemies using you mount.

Stomp damage and your defense increase bases on speed

-Heavy slash :attack the ennemies with heavy slash

-Dual wield mastery : active : increse the chance of being able to attack with a second weapon.

second weapon must be on the next slot

chance increase by 10% for each level

damage of second weapon will be of 8% per level

-Counter attack : Prepare to whack a ennemy that get near you

damage is of 80% plus 20% for every skill level

defense increase by 25% and velocity by 50%

knock ennemy away

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