Warrior is a melee class , they seem to be good with sword and mount.

Class Quest Requirements

To become a Warrior, talk to the guide when your tier 1 class is level 20.

  1. Kill 50 Eater of Souls.
  2. Kill 1 King Slime.
  3. Talk to Guide.

Skiils N6

Icon Name Effect Cooldown Max level Requirement
MountMastery Mount Mastery Increases your combat abilites while on

a mount. Power increases by 8%. Powers also grow 4% per skill level.

Passive 10
SwordExperience Sword Experience Increase your fighting abilities with Slashing types weapons. Increase Pierce and Immunity by 1 per skill level. Passive 10
MountStomp Mount Stomp Stomp nearest enemies using you mount. Stomp damage and your defense increase bases on speed. Passive 10
HeavySlash Heavy Slash Attack a enemies with a heavy slash. Causes 120% damage plus 27% of damage per skill level. 10 10 Needs Sword Experience at Level 3.
DualWeirdMastery Dual Weird Mastery Increases the chance of being able to attack with a second weapon. Second weapon must be on next slot. Chance increases by 10% per level. Damage of second weapon will be of 8% per level. Toggle 10 Needs Sword Experience at Level 5.
CounterAttack Counter Attack Prepare to whack a enemy that gets near you. Damage is of 80%. Damage increases by 20% at every skill level. Defence increases by 25%. Velocity is lowered by 50%. Knock enemy away. 15 10