• Hello! I can't access the FAQ section (I'm logged in but when I go to the wiki, it logs out --'). So I put this message here, sorry for the trouble!

    I have 2 problems (well one problem and one bug).

    First, I tried to play to a vanilla-created world (I copied-pasted it to the good folder), but then when I try launching it with N Terraria 6, it tells me there is no saved game, and thus the world cannot be launched. Is there anything I can do? Or are the vanilla worlds not compatible with this mod?

    Second, the bug, which is completely unrelated. The trophies don't seam to save correctely : every time I launch my game, they pop up again. It is not a problem (Steam saved them), but it is kinda annoying (yeah, in post-Plantera, I still have Oh Shiny each time I play a new game sessions and I mine ore xD)

    Anyway, thanks for this great mod!

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    • For the first issue, since NT6, the mod can't load vanilla worlds due to inconsistency on loading them.

      Those are caused because the decompilation bugs the mod loading system, and while trying to fix the world loading, I certainly make the mod load the incorrect value type, causing N Terraria world and Terraria worlds incompatible.

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