• it appears as though melee speed does nothing for how fast you attack.

    edit: dual wield mastery makes mining weapons not work if you are using them with the shift functionality, while you have a non-mining weapon in the second slot.

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    • That with Scourge of the Corruption or any weapon?

      Also, disable Dual Wield Mastery when mining.

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    • it appears that the function is behaving as "if hit enemy(at all) use item to the immediate left", and that includes using a mining device from the inventory as it rapidly digs and then places a torche on that exact spot, or rapidly placing a stone block then dirt block.

      it appears attack speed works fine for classic swinging types without exception and most spears, but it doesn't affect yoyos or thrown weapons seemingly at all. most obvious with the scourge and vampire knives, cause you get a very obvious projectile and the sound of it's use, but the too very clearly not syncing up.

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