Terrarian Class

The starting class for all N Terrarians. It provides few bonuses and must be brought up to level 10 before choosing another class.


Name Effect Cost/Cooldown Requirement Icon

First Aid

Restores 5 Health

3 Mana / 3 Seconds

First Aid

Novice Strike

Swings for 115% weapon damage.

50 Mana / ~5 seconds. None
First Aid
Novice Magic Spell Shoots a star for 115% magic weapon damage. 50 Mana / ~5 seconds. none
First Aid
Novice Shot Shoots a ranged weapon for 115% ranged weapon damage. 50 Mana / ~5 seconds. none
First Aid

Terrarians start with all their skills and cannot improve them, Skill Points are useless for Terrarians.

Novice Magic Spell, unlike the other two "Novice" abilities, may be used without a magic weapon, giving every character a modest ranged alternative in a pinch.

Final Level Status Bonus

Status Bonus
Strength +2
Vitality +2
Dexterity +2
Charisma +2
Agility +2
Intelligence +2
Luck +2
Wisdom +2

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