Templar Class

A class that focuses on tanking, spears, and mounts.

Class Quest Requirements

To become a Templar, talk to the merchant when your Terraria class is level 10 (Max).

  1. Obtain 3 Gold Coins.
  2. Obtain 20 Lesser Mana Potions.
  3. Kill Skeletron

After the NT6 update, the required items changed.

  1. Obtain 3 Gold Coins.
  2. Obtain 10 Lesser Mana Potions, 5 Strange Brews (from the Skeleton Merchant), and 7 Antlion Mandibles.
  3. Kill Skeletron.

If you find a Skeleton Merchant and he doesn't have Strange Brews, don't leave him. Instead, trap him in a box and wait a full in-game day. The Skeleton Merchant sells Strange Brews every other night.

Skills N6


Effect Cost/Cooldown Requirement

Mount Mastery

Increases your combat abilities while on a mount. Powers increases by 8%. Powers also grow 4% per skill level.


Spear Mastery

Increases your abilities with Spear Type weapons. Pierce increases by 2 per skill level.



Sprays medicine that gives a +2 boost to Str, Vit, Dex, and Cha for the target.

+2 of STR, VIT, DEX and CHA for the selected target.

Lasts 30 * Level seconds.

Status bonus added can be multiplied by the skill level.

84/? Needs Spear Mastery at Level 5.

Vitality Boost

Increases your max life by a percentage. Max Life increases by 5%. Each point on this skill increases 2% Max Health.

Tanking Mode

Gives a boost to Health and Defense while lowering melee damage. also make enemies want to attack you more.

Max Health is boosted by 8% per level.

Defense is boosted by 4% per level.

Melee Damage is reduced by 3% per level.

Inactive Needs Vitality Boost at Level 5.

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