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Wiki Format for versions 5 and earlier

Hey there NT Wikians, I'm sure you're enjoying N Terraria's v5 and it's fun stuff right now! But this is where I got to address for the versions (Because I am sure you will have a few people sticking with earlier versions). Since this is an instant idea popped into my head, it will be raw. None-the-less, this will make it a bit better. But wait, what is it? That's going to be posted below now!

And by all means, this is just an impartial guideline for those that want to help out.

In the case someone does start adding info, put the info from the versions 4 and 5 (Or throw in earlier versions if you wanted to) in the same category.

If you do not, this will cause confusion for the people still using v4 or earlier (Assuming you are playing on v5). With this, I am sure that issue would be resolved for now.
But how would you do that? Pretty simple, one will be stuck in a form of a changelog and the other as a table (Like the races and that sort) So, for example:
In V3, this item was dropped by bats
In V4, the items dropped more of this or got removed altogether from mob
In V5, the item starts dropping again by bats.

Below is for race/classes

And for races/class... (Well uh, that table thing it got going on seperated with v4, v5.) Leave this specific one to a person that knows what they are doing.

If you are still adamant on helping the second thing, then you must check the right side and look at Table. This will create one below like so: (Warning, like I said before: It's better just finding out things before touching this)

With info, it gets spaced out as you type it, but if you look
it as this way, it's like they are fighting for thier boundaries!

This is a standard table, but that's not what we needed. This is how it should be for classes (I checked it out by right-clicking on the table and selecting properties, give it a try!)


Table settings for the class menu

But once you got an understanding of that, you can go ahead and help put it into action! But let's not forget to leave it to the experienced.

Chances are that I won't respond back, since I'll be doing other stuff. Happy gaming and hope this will give you some form of idea!

Also this will not be fully implemented if v5 is still lacking it. Good to practice up until then.

GSPU (talk) 18:05, July 21, 2014 (UTC)


another thing... shall the community post their skins here? i really wanna see everyone's creation :P

Leongrox (talk) 16:26, February 6, 2016 (UTC)leongrox

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