To become a Summoner talk to the Witch Doctor to get the quest.

The Summoner Class Test requires you to:

1. Find 5 Hornet Wax by killing Hornets.

2. Talk to the Witch Doctor.

3. Find 3 Jungle Bat Fangs by killing Jungle Bats.

4. Talk to the Witch Doctor.

5. Find 1 Hornet Honey by killing Hornets.

6. Talk to the Witch Doctor to receive the Summoner class and a Hornet Staff!





Invocation Increases the Summons Damage

3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18%, 21%, 24%, 27%, 30%.

Passive None
Waavenger Releases Wasps during immunity time. Passive Invocation Lvl 7
The less, the better. Reduces the number of minions you may carry to increases their damage. Passive Invocation Lvl 7
Number Matter Reduces the damage of minions you carry to increase their number. Passive Invocation Lvl 7
Rain Dance Invokes a rain that will cause damage on enemies 20 Mana cost at Lvl 1 Invocation Lvl 5
Punch of Knockback Knocks the enemy back with a punch. 50 Mana cost at Lvl 1 None
Bubbles Strike Shots several bubbles on the enemy. 20 Mana cost at Lvl 1. Punch of Knockback

Lvl 3

Noble Sacrifice The summons will sacrifice themselves to increase their owner's health.

Health restored increases by the number of minions.

203 Mana cost at Lvl 1 Invocation Lvl 10

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