Type Melee Weapon
Sub Type Sword
Damage 39
Critical Chance 15%
Speed Very Fast
Knockback Strong
Dropped by N/A
Crafted with
  • Gold Shortsword
  • Silver Shortsword
  • Iron Shortsword
Crafted on Hand


  • The item is misspelled. The correct spelling is Stiletto.
  • The Stiletto, despite the cheapness of its components, deals more damage, though has a lower critical and is much shorter ranged, than the Hardmode Phase Rapier.
  • Even when legendary, the range of the Stiletto is only 3 squares.
  • Despite the low value of its components, Stiletto sells for over 1 Gold.
  • the caption says a fusion of all shortswords a cool dagger hole in the centre of the blade

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