Status Points are gained at 2 per Character level, and may be used to enhance your character's abilities. [note: If code divers or devs want to give exact figures 1 point of  each stat gives, I'd greatly appreciate it.] They may be reset by using Almighty Sticks, which can be found on Man Eaters in the underground jungle, though at "Key Mould" (0.04%) drop rates.

Levelling purportedly gives 0.5 "invisible" points into each stat. It won't show up on your Status Screen, but can be seen in its effect on your abilities.

A maximum of 130 manual points may be added to a single stat.

Status:Increase Strength Vitality Dexterity Charisma Agility Intelligence Luck Wisdom
HP +
HP Regen% +
MP + ++
Move Spd% +
Melee Dmg% ++ +
Melee Spd% +
Range Dmg% ++ +
Accuracy% 0.33
Magic Dmg% ++ +
MP Cost% + -
MP Regen% +
Summon Dmg% ++ +
Minion Cap 0.04
Block% + ++


(Hard Cap: 75%)

Defense +
Critical Hit% +
Cast Time% + -
Fishing% + +
Jump Height / Fall Distance + + +

Please feel free to add exact figures where known.

All stats give percentile increases. 130 Vitality will not alter defence on a naked character. Where a stat is in "competition" with another for size of effect, the larger effect is marked ++.

For Cast Time and MP Cost, + indicates these are increased, slowing down and increasing the cost respectively.

Unaffected by stats: Vertical Movement, Medium Movement (honey, water, lava, cobwebs), Ammo Consumption %, Experience gain, Critical Hit Damage%, or Damage-Type-Specific Crit%.

Accuracy - As far as I can tell, appears to be a slightly randomised damage multiplier for all attacks.

Dodge - A flat % rate to ignore damage, though still take knockback and status effects, much like the Master Ninja Gear, with which it does not stack.

NTerraria 4

Stats are used to improve your character's strength and abilities, are gained at a rate of 10 per level, and cannot be redistributed after being applied.

Each point applied to a stat increases its level by 0.1. The following table is marked as the value gained per whole level.

Stats Name Description

Increase Value

In normal mode

Increase Value

In Hardmode

Melee Damage Increases the Damage dealt by physical attack. 0.05 0.1
Ranged Damage Increases the Damage dealt by ranged attack. 0.05 0.1
Magic Damage Increases the Damage dealt by magic attack. 0.05 0.1
Defense Increases the defense against enemies attack. 0.5 1
Critical Bonus Improves chances of dealing a critical hit. 1 1
Speed Modifier Increases the movement speed. 0.003 0.005
ASPD Increases the Attack Speed. 0.003 0.005
Dodge Increases the chance of dodging an attack,when hit by a monster or projectile.(Valid aswell to explosives and fall damage) 0.25 0.25

Makes your damages be more solid

(Increases the chance of the damage get nearer the max weapon damage,when the number is greater,if accuracy is greater than 100%,the damage will be over the normal.)

Depends of the Weapon Type Depends of the Weapon Type.

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