The Soldier class is a tier 2 class that primarily focuses on damage output with guns.


Complete the qualification quests, available from the Arms Dealer.

Part 1:

Turn in the quest when accepted.

Part 2:

Objective: Defeat 50 harpies/ 50 cave bats

  • This part can be done quickly by using Bat Statues

Final part:

Objective: Kill Skeletron


Skill name Description Effect Cooldown Max Level Requirements
Guns mastery Increase damage with all guns. +6 damage with guns per skill level Passive 10 No requirement.
Lucky Seven Shoot 7 Bullets at the enemy. Bullets will pass through enemies. Fires 7 piercing bullets with 120% + 3% additional damage per level. Does not consume ammo. Auto targeting. Does not require a gun equipped to use. 20 sec ? Gun Mastery Lvl. 3
Bird Fall Can shoot down flying enemies with this skill. Deals 50% + 25% additional damage per level to flying enemies, but deals 50% less damage to non flying enemies. Auto targeting. 20 sec ? Lucky 7 Lvl. 3
Machine gun


Fire 30 shots in rapid succession. Base damage 60%. + 3% damage per lvl.Auto Targeting. Does not require a gun equipped to use. 40 sec ? Lucky 7 Lvl. 5
Snipe Single shot attack. Long casting time and can't use items while casting. Deals 170% + 65% damage per level. Reduces defense by 25% while this skill is on cooldown. Auto Targeting. Does not require a gun equipped to use. Gives a "scope" effect identical to that of the Rifle Scope accessory while active. 40 sec ? Gun Mastery Lvl. 10
Courage Those near you will get a ranged damage boost of 20%. Defense +4. Nearby allies get 20% Ranged damage . +4 Defense. Passive ? Gun Mastery Lvl. 7

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