Slime Armada
Item 676
Type Melee weapon
Sub Type Greatsword
Damage 70
Critical Chance 9%
Speed Average
Knockback Average
Dropped by N/A
Crafted with
  • Chlorophyte Claymore
  • 999 Gel
Crafted on Hand


Large, slime encrusted upgrade of the Chlorphyte Claymore. Though it loses its projectile, it deals more damage and has a 5% better critical hit chance, as well as being able to autoswing. It's also slightly larger.


  • Had special properties in previous versions of N Terraria.
  • While in use, the player may not turn around.
  • Has the 6th highest base damage of any sword, beaten only by Moon Event swords, non-Excalibur "True" swords, and the Terra Blade itself.

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