The Reverse realm is a strange upside down realm where a few new monsters spawn and a few new armor pieces are dropped.

Reverse Magic Mirror-0

The Reverse Magic Mirror

To get into the Reverse realm you need a Reverse Magic Mirror which is obtained by killing Duke Fishron, probably the hardest boss in the game currently. A recommendation is to bring any kind of grappling hook, gravitation potions, gravity globe if possible, and a pair of wings since this realm is totally upside down. Note that you can only enter the Reverse realm while in a Hardmode world. The level of all monsters in the Reverse realm is increased by 100, therefor gaining much better stats, be careful.

A good way to get level quickly is to stand on some kind of blocks in the Reverse Sky and Harpies and Wyvern, since this gives a lot of Exp.

If you are playing NTerraria 6, this is not implemented yet



  • While standing upside down in the top of the world, the world infinitely flips itself. (In a Normal Realm, you'd fall down to the ground. Because the world is itself upside down, it will flip the screen, but it results in you falling up to the top again.)

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