Realms Bunny

Realms Bunny

Realms Bunny is a NPC added in N Terraria. He is, as the name suggests, a bunny, however, he is red and wears what appears to be a wizard hat. He has a chance of spawning instead of a bunny, replacing the bunny. He has two options: Change realms and Realms raiding. Change realms allows you to teleport to an alternate realm. Upon entering a new realm MOST NPC's will disappear. The only ones that don't disappear is the Guide and the Realms bunny. While in an alternate realm, the NPC's appear to be transparent and are invincible so they cant get killed and get you stuck in the realm. Realm Raiding were a upcoming feature, but were cancelled development some time after finished developing the realms system, due to bad planning, it were supposed to create instances where you fight monsters and bosses for loot.

Types of Realms

  • Evil Realm: all the world is Corruption.
  • Bloody Realm: all the world is Crimson.
  • Evil Division (bugged): the world will split by 2... 1/2 will be Corruption and the other will be Crimson.
  • Hallowed Realm: all the world is Hallow.
  • Napolitan World: the World will split by 3. 1/3 will be Corruption, in the middle Hallow and the other 1/3 Crimson. (Possible bug: you can't break blocks or walls)
  • Spider Realm: every empty wall within the world will be filled with spider wall, allowing spiders to spawn everywhere
  • Night Realm (unlocked at world level 55): the sun provides no light. The entire world looks as it would at night time (low to no light, unless a torch/other light is placed)
  • Weird Realm (unlocked at world level 65): everything is really weird. Grass becomes asphalt, dirt becomes waterfall blocks, and other oddities. Nothing is mineable, trees can be cut down with non-axe weapons (as grass or mushrooms), enemy AI is randomized e.g. a worm attacking the player as if it were Duke Fishron, or a zombie acting as the Eye of Cthulhu)


  • You have to talk to the Realms Bunny before getting him into your house, just like with the bound wizard, goblin and mechanic.


  • Sometimes, when changing a realm. some things will not look right, example: if a hallowed ice biome is present in the normal world. changing to the hallowed realm. the pink ice block will transform into pearlsand (this can cause massive ice caverns collapse.)
  • When coming back of a realm, there is a chance that this bug occurs, and the items you drop will be dropped in the last realm you have been in. you can go into the realm to retrieve such items.
  • Realms Bunny remains nameless even after finding him.
  • While holding a shield realms bunnys defense decreases


  • One of the Realms Bunny Quotes: "There is a rumor that on another world, a Guide have used Rabbit Storm skill." is a reference to "The Legend of Maxx (Comic 400)"

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