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Quests are a feature in N Terraria, that allows players to accept requests given by NPCs. Once they have completed the objectives, they can receive money, items, and experience rewards. But beware, if the quest-giver dies, the quest will automatically fail and as of the latest version (N Terraria5.53) quests will be reset upon leaving the game. Quests do not work in multiplayer.

Main Quest

Every character will get a Main Quest. Upon completting the Main Quest you will start to receive randomly generated quests, you decide either to do them or not. The Main Quest is supposed to be like a story mode-ish.

Side Quests

Side Quests are quests that can be obtained by talking to a NPC when they have a quest ready for you. There will be a message appearing when they have a quest available.

Bounty Quests

Bounty Quests are quests obtained from the Arms Dealer. Bounty Quests are all about hunting a special monster down, you will get a few to choose from.

Older versions

Number Name Objective
1 Wood Collector
  • Have 100 Wood
2 Find the Dungeon
3 Corruption Invaders
  • Survive the invasion
4 Search for the Toxic Sludge
5 Wait 10 Seconds
  • Wait 10 Seconds
6 Skullic Menances
  • Stop the Invasion
7 Divine Intervention
8 Torches for good
  • Have torches (3)
9 Gellish Creature
  • Kill Blue Slime (5)
  • Get Gels (5)
10 The duel with the Dungeon Guardian
11 Dirty Trick
  • Have Dirt Blocks (20)
12 Brighty Blinky
  • Have Blinkroot Seeds (5)
13 Slimy Army, eh?
  • Kill a number of slimes
14 A Pinky Thing
  • Kill a Pinky
16 You are being Watched
  • Kill Demon Eyes (7)
18 Slowly Walking Corpses, Zombies Problems
  • Kill Zombies (9)
19 Put an End to The Nightmare
  • Kill Zombies (4)
  • Kill Demon Eyes (5)
  • Kill Night Bats (3)
  • Time to accomplish the Task (24m)
21 Resistance is Everything
  • Survive for 5 minutes
23 Un-Noticeable Enemies
26 Underground Enemies
  • Kill Skeletons (7);
  • Red Slimes (5);
  • Black Slimes (8);
  • Giant Worm Head (3)
29 Bullet Bill
  • Kill Tim (1)
38 Poisonous Menance
  • Kill Hornet type mobs (12)
43 Vine Yard
  • Have Stingers (13)
  • Have Vines (5)
44 Couldn't Find the Antidote
  • Have Stingers (10)
  • Time to accomplish the Task (24m)
45 Fight against the Southern Eripmav
  • Survive until another tasks are done

N Terraria 4

Id Name Objective


Collector of Gooey stuffs
  • Have Stone Blocks (25)
  • Have Bottle of Goo (5)
5 Black Slimes in Dark Caverns
  • Kill Black Slime (10)
6 Secret of Darkness
  • Have Jar of Dark Ooze (7)
8 Night Bats on the loose
  • Kill 7 Night Bats (7)

Main Quest

Id Name Objective
-1 The Combat
  • Defeat several waves of monsters. (This mission is never triggered.)
1 The new Beggining
  • Talk to the Guide
2 Combat Tutorial
  • Kill 5 Slimes
  • Talk to the Guide

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