The Queen Slime is the Reverse Realm version of the King Slime. She is a large pink slime with a battleaxe stuck inside her. She is summoned by using a Slime Crown in the Reverse Realm. It's attacks are almost identical to the King Slime's, except for the fact that she will spawn Illuminate slimes, Crimslimes and Slimers. She has tons of health, possibly the most out of any current boss, but she also has a low attack damage, where as her slimes have a higher attack, making them her main method of attacking. Getting her trapped in a cave ect and finding a spot to hide, then wailing on her with a fast weapon is a great way to defeat her, watch out for the small slimes though! She has a chance of dropping the Paladin Breastplate, and her minion slimes sometimes drop the Darkness Helmet.

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