N Terraria 4 is currently the version with the most power potential (Out of all the versions, this is the one that set the record for highest single hit damage). However, it is not on the most up to date version of Terraria, as it is running Nakano has stopped working on this version and is currently working on the first release of N Terraria 7. To see bit more info, visit the N Terraria 6 page.



N Terraria 4 can no longer be used. To use it, you would need Terraria backup files still stored in your computer, which, even though Terraria automatically lightly backups your files, it deletes the old backup each time you update Terraria. As such, there is no legal way to play N Terraria 4 at the moment, unless you backed up your files to a place that cannot be accessed by Terraria. Sooooooo... yeah, good luck to you.

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