Magic Stick
Question mark
Magic Branch
Type Ranged/Magic Weapon
Sub Type Staff
Damage 13
Critical Chance 18%
Speed Very Fast
Knockback Extremely Weak
Dropped by
Crafted with 10 Wood, 3 Acorn, 1 Fallen Star.
Crafted on Workbench

The Magic Stick is a low tier but high power magic item which sends a barrage of slow moving leaves which are heavily affected by gravity, with almost no starting mana cost. It is useful for Mages and Acolytes in the Pre-Hardmode game due to its surprising damage, especially with multiple projectiles fired at once. It is recommended to not use this weapon in Hardmode, as it has little power against the ever-increasing defense and health of monsters on such a high tier. It is best used when your Magic stat is maxed, just like any magic weapon.

The disadvantages of the Magic Stick compared to other magic weapons or projectiles is the inability to hit objects above the player, besides the immediate vicinity. It's extremely low knockback can also barely hold most enemies at bay, with them often slowly gaining on the player even with repeat attacks.

Damage: 9

Animation: 15

Magic Branch

How to Craft:

  • Wood (x10)
  • Acorn (x3)
  • Fallen Star (x1)