Madra Rua
Madra Rua
Fast and fluffy.
Ideal Class Mage, Acolyte, or Thief
Max Health 103%
Max Mana 102%
Defense 100%
Melee Damage 115%
Melee Crit Damage 105%
Ranged Damage 110%
Ranged Crit Damage 90%
Magic Damage 125%
Magic Crit Damage 105%
Mana Cost 100%
Movement Speed 150%
Action Time 100%
Attack Speed 100%
Melee Speed 115%
Mining Speed 100%
Race Skills Throws 2 boomerangs instead of 1 when using a boomerang. (No longer works in NT5)
Special Attributes Higher Jump.

A Fox-like humanoid known for being incredibly agile and skilled with magic and hurting things.

All his stats except ranged critical are equal or higher than the human, making it a good race.

It would be best to get a "[1]lucky horse shoe" as high jumping will cause great fall damage.

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