Sneaky Sneaky
Ideal Class Summoner or Fighter
Max Health 110%
Max Mana 90%
Defense 105%
Melee Damage 110%
Melee Crit Damage 105%
Ranged Damage 100%
Ranged Crit Damage 85%
Magic Damage 105%
Magic Crit Damage 75%
Mana Cost  ?%
Movement Speed 100%
Action Time 100%
Attack Speed 100%
Melee Speed 120%
Mining Speed 100%
Race Skills None
Special Attributes Has Crimson Set Hp Regeneration.

Has Crouch Down mode.

Lihzahrds have permanently the most summon damage, so it's the best race for Summoner class. Only Bunnies have more, and that's during a Blood Moon.

  • Summon Damage: 120%

Crouch Down mode

  • Size goes to 3x2
  • Movement Speed: 400%
  • Defense: 125%
  • Jump Height: 160%
  • Can only attack through Tackle Skill.

You can crouch by pressing C.

Race Skills


When on crouch mode, Lihzarhds can pounce enemies that deals damage with an invincibility for a few seconds

Known Glitches/Bugs

  • Can move through walls by spamming Crouch Down mode on and off.
  • Note: Only tested for going left

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