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As you might have thought, N Terraria features some new items that can not be found in the original game.

Here is a list of those.

Item Name Item Type
Murasame Sword
Effective Healing Potion Consumable
Moon Shell Accessory
Jungle Band Accessory
Bionic Hammer Hammer
Zeta Scythe Scythe
Heavy Gunblade Greatsword
Pixel Sword Sword
Health Crystal Healing
Magic Crystal Healing
Purple Spiky Thing Acorn Block
Colt Handgun
Bag of Gunpowder Material
Coal Material
Gravel Material
Phase Rapiers Estoc
Stone Broadsword Sword
Stone Shortsword Estoc
Stone Axe Axe
Stone Hammer Hammer
Stone Bow Bow
Stone Pickaxe Pickaxe
Golden Maiden Flintlock
Tyrfing Greatsword
Dead Wood Misc
Crissaegrim Sword
Diamond Maiden Flintlock
The Almighty Stick Consumable
Magic Branch Wand
Saber Sword
Bulls-eye Star Ranged Weapon


Wooden Shield Shield
Iron Shield Shield
Gold Shield Shield
Demonic Shield Shield
Frying Pan Melee Weapon
Morning Star Melee Weapon
Evening Star Melee Weapon
Diamond Sword Sword
Club Melee Weapon
Bloody Mace Melee Weapon
Throwing Knife Thrown Weapon
Poisoned Knife Thrown Weapon
Prime Laser Arm Magic Gun
Arrow Book Magic Book
Electric Sword Sword
Twin Rings

Melee Weapon

Nexus Sword
Zweihander Schwert Sword
Grenade Launcher Ranged Weapon
Boat Transportation Item
Polished Gold Pickaxe Pickaxe
Polished Gold Battle Axe Axe
Polished Gold War Hammer Hammer
Polished Gold Estoc Sword
Polished Gold Gladius Sword
Polished Gold Long Bow Bow
Band of Light Accessory
Band of Wisdom Accessory
Cobalt Crossbow Bow
Mythril Crossbow Bow
Adamantite Crossbow Bow
Dawn's Darkness Sword
Ignis Staff Magic Weapon
Hallowed Crossbow


And this is the list of modified items, that are in non-modded terraria, but they are modified to a certain extent.

Item Name Item Type
Moon Charm Accessory
Iron Chain Accessory
Suspicious Looking Eye Consumable

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