Hunters are ranged damage specialists.

To become a Hunter, talk to the Arms Dealer when your Tier 1 Class is level 20, and thus ready to advance to Tier 2. You must collect 100 Stingers, 50 Spores, and a Queen Bee Trophy to complete the quest and become a Hunter.


Effect Cost/Cooldown Requirement

Quadruple Shooting

Shoots four times at the cost of one shot.

100%, +10% per level, up to 200%

0/~11 seconds None

Weakening Shot

Inflicts Ichor debuff.

80%, +6% per level, up to 140%

0/~5 seconds

Quadruple Shooting Lvl 5

Hunting Mode

Grants Hunter Potion effect

??/~30 seconds None

Bow Mastery

Improves bow damage. +6% per level, up to +60%

Passive None
Knee Shooting

Increases ranged crit chance.

+5%, +2% per level, up to +25%

Passive Bow Mastery Lvl 5

Bird Fall

+50% damage vs flying enemies, -50% damage vs ground enemies.

+25% per lvl

0 / ~20 seconds.

Bow Mastery Lvl 5

Stat-wise, the best investment remains the same as with the Ranger. Your best bet is probably to max out Dexterity and Agility; this will give you a decent 60% or so dodge chance, the best movespeed, the best ranged damage, and the best accuracy. You don't benefit much as a ranger from any other stat.

If you haven't got it already, you should make a beeline for the dungeon when possible. By crafting some bones into a Necro Shield you'll have an effectively permanent 20% ammo-consume bonus, and it's not like you'll miss the use of a "better" shield as a ranger.

Get Quadratic Shooting 5, Weakening shot 5, or (Bird Fall if you can craft Ichor Flasks), Bow Mastery 10, and Knee Shooting 10. Recommended Race: Goblin.

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