Hallowed Crossbow
Question mark
No Caption.
Type Ranged Weapon
Sub Type Repeater
Damage 78
Critical Chance 4%
Speed Slow
Knockback Very weak
Dropped by N/A
Crafted with Hallowed Repeater
Crafted on Hand


The Hallowed Crossbow is crafted from the Hallowed Repeater. It boasts greater damage than the repeater, but a lower speed. It is the strongest Crossbow, having no Chlorphyte equivalent.
Turning it back into a Hallowed Repeater and then again into a Crossbow changes the prefix, making it free to reforge both weapons in this manner.


  • At 78 base damage, the Hallowed Crossbow actually deals more base damage than the Stake Launcher, though after accounting for ammo damage the Stake Launcher still has an advantage, and fires much more quickly.

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