The purpose of this guide is to give you an understanding of the basics of NTerraria so you don't get overwhelmed by random wiki pages.


You start out by creating your own character. One of the very important choices you will make is what race you will play. Each race has different bonuses, penalties, and skills. Choose the race that best fits your play style.

World Creation

During world generation you are given a few options.

  • You can choose a corrupt world for corruption or a bloody world for crimson.
  • You may also choose the difficulty level of the world. This property is locked to the world, not the player.
  • Another choice you have when creating a new world is to choose World mode.


You can change class once you reach Terrarian level 10, the game states that "You may now change class". You can change class by "talking" with different NPCs and look if they have a class quest, one you complete the quest, you become the class that you applied for. A list of which NPCs gives which class quest and more about classes can be found here.

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Skill Points

Skill points are points given when leveling the class level of a character, skill points can be spent on skills, special abilities for each class. As a Terrarian, (starting class) you cannot spend skill points into your skills.

Status Points

Status points are points that can be spent on different attributes e.g. Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Intelligence, each providing different stat improvements for your character, it is recommended going towards a max build e.g. putting all points on Strength as a Fighter, since it gives a good boost to the damage, or putting all points into Intelligence as a spell-caster, since Intelligence improves Magic Damage.

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