A class that you can get at level 10 by speaking to The Angler and taking his Fisherman Quest, once you have returned to him and have the quest completed, you've become a Fisherman and have a new skill set. All of its abilities focus on fishing, providing a useful way to quickly obtain Reaver Sharks, Sawfish, or other unique Fishing rewards.






Fishing Experience

When catching a fish, you get some class exp

7.5% per level, up to 37.5%




Decrease spawn rate of aggressive monsters.

-5% per level, up to -25% chance of spawning non-critter monsters.

Passive None

Fishing Rod Expertise

Increases Fishing Power

"Causes 1 of effect" per level, up to 10. Unknown how this translates to %.



Bait Sale

The Merchant will sell bait.

1 level only. More bait becomes available after completing 20 Angler quests.


Fishing Rod at Level 5

Crazy Fishing

A chance of catching more than one fish at a time.

2% per level, up to 20%.


Fishing Rod at Level 7

Garbage Proof Fishing

Reduces the chance of getting garbage.

-5% per level, up to -50%.


Fishing Rod at Level 10


Recycles the trash loot for items.

1 level only.

36 at level 1

Fishing Experience at Level 5

The Fisherman class, due to its limited number of skills, and low maximum ranks, can max all skills by level 30. Despite decent stats, it is wholly unsuited for combat, and exists purely as alt. fodder for picking up fishing loot.

Final Level Status Bonus

Status Bonus
Strength +6
Vitality +7
Dexterity +10
Charisma +5
Agility +3
Intelligence +2
Luck +5
Wisdom +3

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