Note: This page has little info because little info has been discovered. Please add anything you find.


The Easter Egg is a Common drop from Bunnies during the 'Easter in Terraria' event. It acts Similar to Presents and Goodie Bags.


  • Chocolate Easter Egg
  • Abeemanation
  • Gel
  • Life Crystal
  • Mana Crystal
  • Soul of Night
  • Musket Ball
  • Turtle Shell
  • Gothic Table
  • Corruption Chest
  • Jungle Chest
  • Nanites
  • Goblin Battle Standard
  • Bunny Hood


Due to many Paintings, a new catagory has been made.

  • "Something Evil is Watching You"
  • "The Twins Have Awoken"
  • "Flowing Magma"
  • "Shining Moon"
  • "Father of Someone"


On occasion, an Easter Egg will give a random buff.

  • Ironskin
  • Regeneration
  • Mana Regeneration
  • Magic Power
  • Archery
  • Fairy (Pet)

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