Dungeon Guardian
Dungeon Guardian
This is your end, there's no doubt about it.










Dungeon Guardian Shield
Bone Key


The Dungeon Guardian appears upon entering the dungeon without killing Skeletron first. The Dungeon Guardian has a massive amount of health, is extremely fast, and has extremely high defense. Dungeon Guardians can spawn in groups, making it even harder fighting against 4-5 of them at the same time.


  • "Entering the Dungeon" refers to going below the surface level (0' Surface)
  • If your character or people at your party get into the Dungeon before killing Skeletron, the biome's name will be "Suicide Attempt" instead of the name given after you kill Skeletron, which is "Skeletron Dungeon".


  • To avoid being attacked by a Dungeon Guardian use a depth meter to make sure you do not go below 0 feet. You might also want to just avoid going into the Dungeon entirely, at least until you've beaten Skeletron.
  • Due to the Dungeon Guardian's health pool being around 52 times it's normal amount, and it's damage being changed to a 10th of it's defense, the normal chaingun strategy or turtle armor strategy wont work or will be extremely ineffective and risks many more chances to make a mistake and die. The most effective way to defeat the dungeon guardian is to power level your Pierce stat on a high damage weapon.

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