The Demon Eye is a common flying enemy that spawns at night, and is generally one of the first enemies a new player will encounter. Demon Eyes fly in an arc-like pattern and bounce off walls, 

Demon Eye












Eye of Cthulu, Servant of Cthulu, Wandering Eye, The Twins

Spawn Time


Spawn Area


and bounce away when struck by anything. Because of their tendency to bounce everywhere, they can be annoying to defeat. Upon death, Demon Eyes can drop a Lens or, rarely, a Black Lens. They can also spawn rarely with coloured lenses, but the drops are the same. There is many different coloured sprites like the purple demon eye, the green demon eye and also others such as white, black and yellow "lensed" demon eyes.


  • Killing 20 Demon Eyes will increase the chance of spawning an Eye of Cthulu, if you have yet to defeat it. (Gun n Run mode)
  • Due to the pattern in which Demon Eyes fly, they often have trouble entering opened doors.
  • Green eyed Demon Eyes with 51 HP may be a reference to Mario games, since green mushrooms give an extra life.

Known Bugs And Glitches

  • Sometimes a Demon Eye can pass through a single dirt or wood block.
  • If you somehow manage to trap a Demon Eye and place blocks where it would fly in the trap, if there were blocks underneath the trap, the eye would glitch through the blocks.

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