Here is a list of custom weapons in the mod:

N Terraria 5 Items
Name Type Sprite Acquiring Crafted using Crafted at
Firebrand Melee Weapon
Item 672
Wyvern N/A N/A
Long Blade Estoc Melee Weapon
Item 620
Crafting Work Bench
Blaze Wand Magic Weapon
Item 625
Wizard NPC N/A N/A
Bunny Cannon Ranged Weapon
Bunny Cannon
Bunny N/A N/A
Pixel Sword Melee Weapon
Merchant NPC N/A N/A
Terminus Est Melee Weapon
Item 641
Toxic Sludge N/A N/A
Murasame Melee Weapon N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sword Mace Melee Weapon
Item 640-0
Drop (unknown) N/A N/A
Colt Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Handgun
  • 3 Diamonds
  • Musket
Cthulhu's Servant Cannon Ranged Weapon
Cthulhu's Servant Cannon
Eye of Cthulhu N/A N/A
Phase Rapiers Melee Weapon Crafting
  • Phasesaber (any color)
By hand
Stone Broadsword Melee Weapon Crafting
  • 25 Stone
Stone Shortsword Melee Weapon Crafting
  • 20 Stone
Stone Bow Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • 10 Stone
Golden Maiden Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • 10 Gold Bars
  • Flintlock Pistol
Tyrfing Melee Weapon
Item 675
  • Night's Edge
Crissaegrim Melee Weapon
  • 3 Cobalt/Palladium Swords
  • 25 Adamantite/Titanium Bars
  • 15 Dead Branches
Diamond Maiden Ranged Weapon Crafting
  • Golden Maiden
  • 3 Diamonds
By hand
Magic Stick Magic Weapon
Item 612-0
  • 10 Wood
  • 3 Acorns
  • Fallen Star
By hand
Saber Melee Weapon
Skeleton, Skullic Assassin N/A N/A
Bulls-eye Star Ranged Weapon
Item 626
Arms Dealer NPC N/A N/A
PXL300 Ranged Weapon
Item 628
Skeleton Archer N/A N/A
Frying Pan Melee Weapon
Frying Pan
  • 3 Wood
  • 25 Iron Bars
By hand
Morning Star Melee Weapon
Item 615
  • 50 Iron Bars
  • 15 Spikes
Evening Star Melee Weapon
Item 614
Dryad N/A N/A
Diamond Sword Melee Weapon
Item 631
  • 9 Wood
  • 3 Diamonds
By hand
Prime Laser Arm Magic Weapon
Prime laser arm
Skeletron Prime's Prime Laser N/A N/A
Arrow Book Magic Weapon Dungeon N/A N/A
Electric Sword Melee Weapon
Item 617
  • 25 Wire
  • 12 Iron Bars
  • 3 Chains
Twin Rings Melee Weapon
Item 642
  • 15 Chains
By hand
Nexus Melee Weapon
Item 623-0
Merchant NPC N/A N/A
Zweihander Schwert Melee Weapon
Armored Skeletons, Skullic Fighters N/A N/A
Grenade Launcher Ranged Weapon
Item 647
The Twins N/A N/A
Dawn's Darkness Melee Weapon
Dawn's Darkness
Crafting Altar
Ignis Staff Magic Weapon
Ignis staff
July in Fury event N/A N/A
Iron Cannon Ranged Weapon
Item 752
  • 28 Iron Bars
Mythril Anvil
Flintlock Pistol Ranged Weapon
Item 95
Crafting, Arms Dealer NPC
  • 22 Iron Bars
Club Melee Weapon
  • 25 Wood
Work Bench
Flower Sword Melee Weapon
Flower Sword
Plantera N/A N/A
Golden Cannon Ranged Weapon
Golden Cannon
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Shotel Melee Weapon
Jungle monsters N/A N/A
Diamond Bomb Cannon Ranged Weapon
Diamond Bomb Cannon
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Slime Armada Melee Weapon
Item 676
Crafting By hand
Stilleto Melee Weapon
Item 638
Crafting By hand
Happy Smasher Melee Weapon
Happy Smasher
Clown N/A N/A
Jungle Scaraba Melee Weapon
Jungle Scaraba
Jungle Shrines N/A N/A
Leeching Cannon Melee Weapon
Leeching Cannon
Wall of Flesh N/A N/A
True Dawn's Darkness Melee Weapon
True Dawn
Crafting Mythril Anvil
Bionic Hammer Melee Weapon
Item 630
Drop (unknown) N/A N/A
Heavy Gunblade Melee Weapon
Spazmatism N/A N/A
Bloody Mace Melee Weapon
Unknown N/A N/A
Peace Keeper Melee Weapon
Item 636
Underground Mushroom N/A N/A
E11 Ranged Weapon
Item 679
Unknown N/A N/A
Lamp Post Cannon Ranged Weapon
Item 754
retinazer N/A N/A

If you found a weapon that isn't listed here, feel free to add it!

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