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Every class in the game caters to a unique play style and provide stat boosts and unique skills.

There are presently 9 classes to choose from, and all but Super Terrarian may be pursued upon reaching level 10 as a Terrarian and then completing its class-specific quest. Once you choose a class you can not change your class.

Name Description NPC
Terrarian The initial Terrarian class. Upon reaching level 10 Terrarians may begin a class quest to advance to a new class of their choice.

"You begins as this class, upon level 10, you can change class."


Super Terrarian

A generalist class with access to many of the skills of other classes, particularly passive skills. This class requires a character level 45 or higher to attain.

 "A mix of all first classes, but with no specific status bonus."


Fighter A heavily-armored melee specialist, the Fighter is capable of taking damage from monsters, making sure that ranged classes like Mages and Rangers can avoid dying during a battle.

"Melee tanker class, may tank on almost anything, but Dungeon Guardian."

Ranger A master of bows and guns that can engage enemies from a distance.  The Ranger is not a very sturdy character, and must rely on his speed and wits to avoid damage.

"It's ranged attacks are meant to cause critical damages."

Arms Dealer
Merchant A tradesman who prefers the coin to the sword.  The Merchant supports the party financially while also serving as a decent melee fighter.  He keeps the party well-equipped and ready for any fight.

"Didn't counted on their coins."

Mage A student of the arcane arts that uses powerful spells to destroy his foes.  The Mage, like the Ranger, deals his damage from a distance and must rely on something other than armor to avoid damage.

"Slow but strong spells are what this class is made of."

Acolyte A caster who channels the power of his faith to strengthen his party and heal their wounds in battle.  The Acolyte's magic is especially effective against Undead- and Demon-type enemies.

"Neat healers and buffers."

Thief A fast, nimble fighter who weakens monsters in combat and rapidly deals melee damage.  The Thief can also steal items from enemies, making him a valuable part of any team.

"Sneaky and deadly attackers."

Dye Trader

Summoner Invokes creatures to battle for them. Witch Doctor
Fisherman A class that only takes part in fishing. Angler

The current classes.


  • There is actually a way to change class, make a new character, level it to 10 Terrarian, start a class quest with the new character and finish the quest with the character you want to be the new class

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