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Every class in the game caters to a unique playstyle and provide stat boosts and unique skills.

There are presently 9 classes to choose from, and all but Super Terrarian may be pursued upon reaching level 10 as a Terrarian and then completing its class-specific quest.

Name Description NPC
Terrarian The initial Terrarian class. Upon reaching level 10 Terrarians may begin a class quest to advance to a new class of their choice. None

Super Terrarian

The Terrarian you know, but with all first class abilities, beside being even more weak than all the other classes. This class is for those who are glad about being a novice, and want to be able to make mixed build, but is no good if you care about surviving.

This class requires a character level 45 or higher to attain.


Fighter A heavily-armored melee specialist, the Fighter is capable of taking damage from monsters, making sure that ranged classes like Mages and Rangers can avoid dying during a battle. Guide
Ranger A master of bows and guns that can engage enemies from a distance.  The Ranger is not a very sturdy character, and must rely on his speed and wits to avoid damage. Arms Dealer
Merchant A tradesman who prefers the coin to the sword.  The Merchant supports the party financially while also serving as a decent melee fighter.  He keeps the party well-equipped and ready for any fight. Merchant
Mage A student of the arcane arts that uses powerful spells to destroy his foes.  The Mage, like the Ranger, deals his damage from a distance and must rely on something other than armor to avoid damage. Dryad
Acolyte A caster who channels the power of his faith to strengthen his party and heal their wounds in battle.  The Acolyte's magic is especially effective against Undead- and Demon-type enemies. Nurse
Thief A fast, nimble fighter who weakens monsters in combat and rapidly deals melee damage.  The Thief can also steal items from enemies, making him a valuable part of any team.

Old Man


Fisherman A class that only takes part in fishing. Angler

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