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This article is about the history of updates and changes to the N Terraria mod. As such some changes may no longer be present in the current version. For more information on a topic please see its page in the wiki or ask about it in the forums.

Changes by Date

Date Changes

Upcoming Features

  • Nakano said he's thinking of letting the mounts be obtainable.
  • Queen slime boss

October 1st 2014

Version: 5-5.40

  • More fixes to the issue of the multiplayer acessory bug.
  • You can no longer place items when you are prohibited to modify world on multiplayer.
  • Item command shall correctly send the item to player on multiplayer.

September 30th 2014

Version: 5-5.39

  • Made fall damage requirement increase according on how high you jump.
  • Removed a skill from mages and resetted all mages skill points.
  • You no longer is unable to equip acessories on multiplayer.
  • Maybe able to equip helmets on multiplayer.
  • Removed debug messages from server.
  • Can no longer duplicate server defined acessories.

September 30th 2014

Version: 5-5.38

  • Queen Slime only spawns on Reverse Realm now, upon using Slime Crown
  • Made so Racial skills are only loaded on the end of the list
  • That brings class skill resets on the package
  • Arcade Dungeon might not lead you to Crash Oblivion instead
  • The Cannons are now Cannons and currently do not use ammo
  • Added elemental affinities (yes, slightly borrowed from Elements CCG)
  • Demons now have a unique message for Fire Affinity
  • Chaos Attribute now affects slimes only
  • Made Cannons more expensive
  • Buffed Clairvoyance (Gives +5% mana)
  • Added Light affinity
  • Light affinity increase RoE of Shine buff
  • Obsidian Skin potion now removes On Fire, but not Cursed Flames
  • Weird realm is now more... weird
  • Reduced Weird Realm level from 99 to 65
  • Made Raid Based mode monsters harder
  • Added "Souls" menu element for part of the elements
  • Torches, Bombs and Glowsticks now stacks up to 999.
  • Minimap issue fixed, thanks Yoraiz0r for the help.
  • Made Exploration quest objectives work on multiplayer.
  • You may now get side quests.
  • Fixed Raid Based mode experience system.
  • Can no longer setup skill hotbar when looking at a npplayer skills.
  • Brown Slimes now only starts spawning after 100 tiles away from spawn.
  • Housing quest objectives no longer repeats the quest name.
  • Fixed a bug that turns players unable to setup skills.
  • Potion use delay reduced to 10 Seconds on Raid Based mode.
  • Changed the level the merchant will change the pickaxes on sale.
  • Bunny and Slimes no longer show acessories equipped.
  • Neither use a mount.
  • But Bunnies are 20% faster.
  • Racials shall be listed correctly.
  • Mana is now restored when mana is lower than the usual.
  • Made so Bunnies have 25 Dodge points.
  • Fixed bug where of faster the weapons are, they would not appear.
  • Made so Pet Bunny gives +3 all stats, instead of +1.
  • Made Turtle Pet gives +7 VIT points.
  • Puppy Pet now gives boost of status. VIT + 5, INT + 3, CHA + 10, LUK + 3 and WIS - 10
  • You may no longer use bombs and dynamites to destroy a prohibited realm tile.
  • Introduced 5 commands, getquest, changespawnpoint, getbuff, forcedacessory and togglediggable.
  • Forcedly, Block and Dodge max rates are 75%. No longer increased above the cap by skills.
  • Made again that the Dungeon Guardian may loot it's shield, because it somewhat vanished ¬¬.

September 21st 2014

Version: 5-5.34

  • Fixed all grammatical and spelling errors in some of the quests
  • Fixed more mobifier bugs (sorry guys, thanks for your patience)
  • Suicide mode will no longer remain turned on after leaving a Suicide mode world.
  • Brown Slimes are slightly more rare than Green Slimes.
  • Changed how much boost of spawn is given according to your level
  • Added monsoon!
  • Added Stormy Slime (spawns during monsoon)
  • Buffed Palladium Armor's regen significantly
  • Buffed Orichalcum Armor's petal damage significantly
  • Champion and Suicide mode greatly reduce Palladium and Orichalcum's armor effect
  • Crissaegrim is now overpowered
  • Changed the way mobifiers work to make them less overpowered.
  • Mana and life are reduced in Champion and Suicide
  • Lava more overpowered for monsters
  • Fixed Master of Blades skill attack speed
  • Skills shall no longer deal no damage when attacking using no weapon.
  • The Arms Dealer now offers the Bounty Quests
  • Added "Repel Undead" for Acolytes (has a chance to confuse undead)
  • Added "Banish Undead" for Acolytes (has a chance to instantly kill undead, requires Repel Undead Lvl. 7)
  • Added "Sentient Thorns" for Mages (more powerful version of "Wild Thorns", requires Wild Thorns Lvl. 8)
  • Changed "NPPlayer" to "Party"
  • Added laboratories to kingdoms - requires an alchemy bench
  • NPPlayers no longer will be tongued forever.
  • Pvp Kills now give exp.
  • Evil Division Realm now works properly.
  • Changed the exp given by the monsters, less grind for you.
  • Added new RPG Mode, the Raid Based mode, harder but rewarding.
  • Made world leveling a little more of a geometric curve: quite a bit easier in earlier levels
  • You can claim some zones in the name of your character, if you have a throne room in the town, but only works correctly on single player, needs more work though..
  • Eater of Worlds got a Game Over upon biting it's own body.
  • Started work on a secret project of epic
  • Increased maximum world level to 200 (for a very good reason)
  • Shields now apply a movement penalty to player
  • Shields now receive their blocking boost from strength instead of vitality
  • Made desert shields a bit more functional in terms of water removal
  • Added Humans racial skill.
  • Reduced the exp bonus from the Band of Light and Band of Wisdom.
  • Skill casts faster when stopped.
  • Vampire Knives got part of their efficience back.
  • Cast time based on status changed.
  • Ichor Debuff reduces 1/5 of defense on RPG mode, but minimum defense penalty is 20.
  • Titan Rage buff now increases knockback.
  • Inferno Buff's damage is now based on player's health.
  • Fixed plural issues on Kill Quest objectives.
  • Turtle Shell buff now gives 30% of defense when life is lower than 25%, Minimum def boost is 30.
  • Made so Tipsy and Weak debuffs reduce Defense by 4% on RPG mode, but minimum defense penalty is 4.
  • Made so Well Fed buff gives 2% of defense on RPG mode, but minimum defense bonus is 2.
  • Iron Skin potion now gives 8% defense, but minimum defense bonus is 8.
  • Werewolf Buff now gives 3% defense bonus on RPG Mode, but minimum defense is 3.
  • Goblins can now see wire
  • Demons now have different flight distances based on their altitude
  • Demons now have a brief immunity to water before taking damage (yes, I am bringing that back!)
  • Skeletons do not need to breath underwater anymore
  • Ghost npplayer inventory bug fixed, now upon reloading a world your npplayer will correctly update it's inventory.
  • Exp share between npplayers and players is now fixed.
  • Demon Scythe Skill scythes minimum damage is now 5.
  • Added something for the lazy modders.
  • Made some changes on Mage skills, the minimum damage is equal to the current skill effect damage.
  • Revamped Exp Sharing?
  • Penguins can be corrupted by Vile Powder now. //Terra fix
  • New bunnies aswell. //Terra fix
  • Added Evil Chess Realm (Level 30)
  • Evil Division Realm can only be accessed with world level 30+ now.
  • Zones no longer have effect inside world realms.
  • Napolitan World now only appears on world level 40.
  • Arcade Dungeon is in, talk to the Clothier to be able to enter, must have killed Skeletron.
  • Some Realms have their own level range now.
  • You can now see the zone extension.
  • You can no longer complete Underground and Cavern requiring objectives on the Underworld.
  • But can complete Underground objectives on the Caverns.
  • Moved Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu and Zone Eater to the Reverse Realm.
  • The monsters Eripmav, Corpse Weed, Brain Eater, Imp, High Voodoo Demon, High Demon, Watcher and Starved were moved to only appear on Reverse realm.
  • Nerfed Binoculars loot rate from 1/150 to 1/35.
  • Nerfed some Shields drop rates.
  • Added a number of cannons to the game.
  • Some number of them can only be found on chests. Meaning new world only...
  • Made so even if a player did not killed a monster, the monster shall still give loot.
  • Made Camping Penalty more painfull.
  • Npplayers no longer have the aid of the Smart Cursor.
  • Both Breath and Lava bars can now occupy the same interface.
  • Reverted Gills Potion effect to pre 1.2 effect.
  • Exp Share in multiplayer completelly broken

December 8th 2013

  • Goblin race now replenish ammo over time as it must.
  • Fixed LUK not increasing critical rate as much as expected.
  • If your character have the status above the max level, these points will be refunded as status points.
  • Skeletons no longer drown.
  • Skeletons shall spawn on dungeon.

December 7th 2013

  • N Terraria 4 released.

October 26th 2013

Events and Quests Fixs

  • Event "Terraria 1.2 Event" no longer requires to be in september of 2013 to be activated.
  • Nerfed above quest goal to 5 WOFs.
  • Changed rewarding method.

October 21st 2013

Nakano, y so late?

  • Fixed issues with main quest loading
  • Npplayers will no longer load Main Quest.
  • Merchant class is no longer gold digger.
  • Fixed AGAIN sell price issues.
  • Destroyer's body shall no longer spawn with affix and suffixs.
  • And it's Probes will no longer spawn as Elite mob.
  • Modifiers also affects the coin number the monster drops, now.
  • World Bosses may spawn...

September 26th 2013

20:42, September 28, 2014 (UTC)20:42, September 28, 2014 (UTC)~~

Planned final pre-1.2 update.

  • No longer ghost tabs when you pass the mouse over tab position when not on inventory.
  • Quest type colors.
  • Cleaned up some quest texts.
  • New Health and Mana bar.
  • Bosses shall no longer be shown as Skull Level.
  • Fixed "Looking around" quest issue.
  •  Added event quests.
  • Npc Players that are using a race with special, and is turned to werewolf, will no longer look to the other side when using the special.
  • Demons were revamped.
  • Class level can now be increased even if you are level 50 and didn't beaten wof yet.
  • Changed various skills damage method to percent.
  • Skill Summon Food no longer spawns the food on your position, it spawns the food on inventory if have empty space.
  • Missiles spell now only summon a missile.
  • Fixed acolyte's extra damage to type's percentages.
  • Bosses have now minimum level.
  • No longer will have immune mobs on the mod.
  • Several bosses and monsters will no longer have glitched level.
  • there's now 1/15 chance of spawning meteor.
  • Bloodmoon killing event is in, kill 100 monsters during bloodmoon to get a generous exp reward.
  • Terraria 1.2 event is in, kill 10 Wall of Fleshs to get an item to level up above 100, but beware, bugs expected, backup your saves.
  • Exp Ticket collection event is in, collect 100 Exp Ticket Pieces by killing any monster and redeem on guide to get a good experience point.

Update 2

  • Mages Magic Missile spell use delay reduced to (level = seconds) to a second for all levels.

Update 3

  • Fixed crash issue on server.

19th September 2013

Fix for the bellow update.

  • Removed NPPlayer Wanderers.
  • Buffs shall now work even if you haven't Philosopher Stone equipped.
  • Fixed Madra Rua first tail sprites.
  • Npplayers will no longer take place of your character.
  • Revamped quest listing.
  • Tabs now have tooltips when you pass the mouse over them.
  • Added a new quest type, object collection.

16th September 2013

DLC update

  • Removed Affix and Suffix from server.
  • Zombies will not leave tombstones on graveyard biome.
  • Players no longer turns to ghost after dying 3 times.
  • Defense status bonus on max life will now be correctly counted.
  • Ghosts no longer killable.
  • Crossbows are now Ranged weapon, also, their damage have been increased, and reloadtime aswell.
  • Demon scythes maximum speed nerfed.
  • Looking at the quest log shall no longer cause crashes.
  • Fixed quest objectives not being marked on kill a monster.
  • Quests had some more revamp.
  • Mage class test have changed, now only requires 100 Max Mana.
  • Thief class quest now can be completed on the clothier.

13th September 2013

Celta Update?

  • Fixed talk quest dialogue issue.
  • Added some quest descriptions.
  • "Ever good to remind"... quest have it's dialogue fixed.
  • Swapped the quests "87:To get level 30" and "89:Call of Guide"'s positions.
  • A new quest that uses the Dungeon Scoring have been added.
  • New Zugitaki tail sprites.
  • Antmen digging bug fixed.
  • Wild Thorns skill were nerfed.
  • Fireball and Harpoon Barrage are now powerfuller.
  • Some mage skills had their reuse time changed.
  • Fixed weird crash with Biome Playlist.
  • Fixed a issue that may cause crash on the quest window.

11th September 2013

Beta Update

  • Game and server will no longer crash when changing equipments.
  • Npcs shall now have affix on multiplayer, if the server setup to have affix.
  • Hardmode bosses Nerfed
  • Ranged and Magic weapons does not have attack speed change anymore.
  • Some race changes. Demon, Skeleton and Antmen race had changes on their build.
  • Npplayers no longer leaves tombstone when dies.
  • Slimes have now pre-hardmode armor set.
  • Fixed issue with quest mark being shown on ignorant npcs.
  • Herobrine will no longer bother players.
  • Changed the way the classes skills are choosen.
  • Novice class renamed to Terrarian.
  • Super Novice class renamed to Super Terrarian.
  • Skills shall now have mana cost based on the player's mana cost change.
  • Mega final fix for Philosopher Stone issue.
  • Star Cloaks damage formula altered, depending on the level, the damage will grow.
  • Werewolves no longer have intestinal issues.
  • Undeads burns at morning now, if they are on the surface.
  • Dead NPCs will no longer show quest mark on their heads.
  • Biome playlist no longer causes lag when there's no information text.
  • Boss musics will be choosen randomly on the biome playlist, and will keep looping until the battle is ended.
  • No longer can use the command "/changespawnplace <playerid>" on server.
  • Quest log tab added and functional.
  • NPPlayer AI tab added, wip yet.
  • Quests infos changed, aswell as better rewards.

3rd September 2013

  • Fixed button clicking position at skill scroll.
  • Added /changeclass command on devscript, too bad you can't use it.
  • Events infos checked up.
  • You can carry up to 4 npplayers now.
  • Magic Missile skill now have delay.
  • Shields are now craftable only on the Workbench.
  • Demon's Demon Scythe hability got speed nerf, and changed the property damage to 20% of magic damage.
  • Fixed issue with npcs accepting items variants.
  • Conjured items now costs nothing.
  • Soups have now a cooldown time.
  • Maybe fixed multiplayer armor issues.
  • Antmen 3x3 digging shall now synchronize with the server.

2nd September 2013

  • Walls shall now give only 5 Exp.
  • Snow Plains biome added.
  • Health and Magic Crystals prices reduced to a gold coin.
  • Coins shall now be clickable and moveable on inventory.
  • Boat shall no longer stuck you at water.
  • Removed the sword's "Ziiing" sound effect.
  • Zugitaki race now walks faster. (as it should = 110%)
  • Npcs variant shall now show affix, suffix and modifier.
  • The following Classes got some changes.
  • Fighter
  • - Ranged Damage final level is now 6.
  • Ranger
  • - Melee attack final level is now 6.
  • - Magic attack final level is now 5.
  • Merchant
  • - Ranged attack final level is now 10.
  • - Magic attack final level is now 6.
  • Mage
  • - Melee attack final level is now 4.
  • - Ranged attack final level is now 5.
  • Thief
  • - Melee attack final level is now 7.
  • - Ranged attack final level is now 7 aswell.
  • Mage
  • - Magic attack final level is now 12.
  • Acolyte
  • - Magic attack final level is now 10.

31th August 2013

Bug Fixes to 30th august update

  • If there's no music on the biome playlists, it will force Terraria music to be played only.
  • By a more rare chance, you can gain around two times more coins from clay pots.
  • Fixed a bug on character selection, when it's on single player and on another page.
  • Fixed an error causing the game to be launchable.

30th August 2013

  • Goblin character shall now only recover ammo.
  • Skeletons now spawn at Dungeon.
  • Up to 25 character slots disponible.
  • Right Click up to 2 playable characters to have as npplayer.
  • Added a default texture to N Terraria, to avoid crashes by no image loading.
  • Surface biome renamed to Plains
  • Added a item that let you create your own territory/biome. Can be bought at the Mechanic for 5 Platinums.
  • Fixed issue that may cause double main quests to be happening.
  • Slime Character was Added

27th August 2013

  • Added combo system, the more hits you deal, the more attack exp you get.
  • New Main Quests
  • Undeads now no longer needs to breath underwater.
  • A new race teaser.
  • Unnamed NPC is now Past Old Man Ghost, and it's dialogue fixed.

24th August 2013

  • Added Main Quest
  • Tim may spawn from nowhere now when doing mage test.
  • Lesser Mana Potions shall now be found even if you does not have EXACTLY 200 mana, but 200 mana and above on chests.
  • Bug of double item usage fixed.
  • Missing name items were fixed.
  • Some things were not being loaded as it should.
  • Antmens may dig nearby soft tiles around the area being dug.
  • Fixed various issues with Race status.
  • Flushed Jellyfish to the Sewer
  • New class Super Novice is in.
  • AI for First Aid usage fixed.
  • Working on commands.Digit /help on chat to see it's list, but only 2 are useable atm.
  • Fixed August Fortune event, Fortune Slimes shall now spawn.
  • Antmens may now dig in 3x3 through soft tiles.

21th August 2013

  • When any character dies, npcs no longer despawn or turn invincible.
  • NPPlayers shall now release the trigger when shotting.
  • Thiefs npplayers no longer tries to use a mage skill.
  • Thiefs npplayers skill use AI temporarily disabled. (May only use steal)
  • If someone of your team, or npplayer kills wall of flesh and you are on the underworld, you will be able to level up above level 50.
  • Added an option to the game to turn on or off the Affix and Suffix on NPCs.
  • Server now operable.
  • Fixed server version and crash when loading map.
  • Fixed issue with player sync
  • Update 2
  • Fixed crash on opening options
  • Update 3
  • Added missing files to update.

12th May 2013

26th January 2013

  • Launched N Terraria API

26th December 2012

  • RMB crash bug fixed

25th December 2012

  • Nerfed hammers damages

24th December 2012

  • Deermans turned into werewolves now can use special.
  • Removed the damn mad guide quest
  • Update 2
  • Some items had more scale than the knockback
  • Update 3
  • Shields can be auto worn by holding Right Mouse Button
  • Fixed some hammer powers

23th December 2012

  • Fixed the bug of 100 hp when level up
  • Your max health will grow up according to your level and defense status.
  • Custom Weapons knockback values fixed
  • Arrow Spell book had changes
  • Mouse following head configs will now be saved
  • Removed a creeper from the cellar
  • Removed unstable update

22th December 2012

Stable Update

  • Added a option to not let head follow the mouse.
  • Maybe a fix for the eerie crashs
  • Removed scripting clutter
  • Added a new boss //but not spawnable
  • Grenade launcher dropable and useable

6th December 2012

Unstable update

  • Music boxes will now warn you when you gather new music
  • Blue Phaseblade is no longer the best weapon of the game
  • Changed the netmessage system
  • Bosses parts shall no longer give no exp when hit.
  • Maybe a fix for the scythes bug.
  • Wanderer npcs added //Removed due to annoyances
  • Changes on the player's status
  • Max Health shall now change
  • Potions Healing Values changed
  • Classes status now modifies correctly the player's status
  • Buy and Sell prices will be reseted,before setting up again
  • Boat craftable,prepare the woods

16th November 2012

  • Tile Exp rules changes,even cutting with weapons will give exp from something
  • Deactivated scary sounds at Nightmare Time
  • Quest "The public peace must be preserved" is now removed
  • Some statues have now new effects when wired...
  • Skullic Archers will no longer do friendly fires
  • Hardmode bosses have less defense and damage multiplier,on level calculator.
  • New items,refines,and drops.Mwahahah!

9th November 2012

  • Fixed mission bug
  • Fixed mobs names bug
  • Reforge bug fixed
  • Bug of the invisible projectiles when using some hats has been fixed
  • Mana flower's effect now work on skills
  • Silence now interrupt spell casting
  • Some other weapons now have sounds too,on hit
  • 25 Silver Bullets are now craftable,instead of only 1

7th November 2012

Stable Update

  • Multiplayer gameplay no longer a hell.

26th October 2012

Unstable update

  • Sold items price will no longer be divided by 5,only by 2,instead
  • Introduced Buy and Sell prices differences
  • Nerfed some class quests objectives
  • Changed the refine rules
  • Terraria ghosts now spawn on multiplayer
  • New classes skills
  • Perfect battle bonus is back
  • Eye of cthulhus is now spawnable,again
  • When killed an Armored Skeleton type monster,it will only remove it's armor,the skeleton itself,will try to kill you
  • CTRL+Click a status,will spent 10 status point on the status
  • The hardmode Groom isn't anymore a pwn a lot
  • Guide now drops Moon Charm,when dies or is stealed as werewolf
  • Some performance tweaks on the gameplay
  • Old skeleton ghost no longer snail like
  • Class reset on everyone,no exceptions
  • Removed netplay clutters,that i forgot to remove
  • Fixed bug,that while leveling,your class max exp does not updates,causing level grinding,when killing highby mobs
  • Visual clutter reduced
  • Added penalties on exp returner,when killing highlevel monsters,up to 10 levels above,and bellow to 50 levels
  • Demon's Demon scythe spell is now aimable
  • Character aways looking at the mouse direction
  • Hardened leveling up
  • Fixed Biome Playlist bug
  • Wall of Flesh shall now be harder to be defeated,according to the nearby players levels
  • Party members killing exp now works on the entire team,or at least with npplayers
  • Wall of flesh issues may have been fixed

8th October 2012

  • Server have now Terraria Error window,and now creates the crash log.
  • Monsters will steal loot,some of them will grow up when eating it,and some will spit it back to you.
  • Minor changes on the quest log
  • Wasted in 5 different languages,oh yeah!
  • I forgot the other updates...

1st October 2012

  • Fixes slimes hp bug on multiplayer
  • hp and mana bar will no longer be shown,if the other player is invisible
  • Server with the same spawn rules as the client

30th September 2012

  • A bug fix that i can't remember.
  • Something will happen to Werewolves npcs at morning.
  • Something uncommon...Something strange...
  • A change to Eripmav's sprite.
  • Halloween event preparation,something will happen at fullmoons....
  • 4 or more new items,some drops rarelly from the ghosts1
  • Fix for vanishing items bug and invisible weapons
  • No more mana leech
  • Xmas deactivated
  • Eaters no longer will ever stare at you,they are bugs again
  • Added a Hide/Show quest and event log button
  • Vile Powder now can damages again
  • New text for when the character dies
  • Boom proof oldman spawn
  • Bloodmoon chance reduced from 1/9 to 1/7
  • Chance of spawning a meteor reduced from 1/50 to 1/35
  • Bloodmoons will start happening,once a player have EXACTLY and above 120 max health
  • Endermans will no longer steal blocks,wait...Wrong game...

22th September 2012

  • Various fixes on Gun n Run.
  • Man eaters now drop the reset item.
  • Fixed multiplayer issues with Gun n Run.
  • Other changes that i forgot.

21th September 2012

  • Rocket Boots now drops again from Garmy.
  • Sunfury and Flower of Fire now drops from some Underworld mobs.
  • Some items that i forgot his names now spawn on Underground Jungle.
  • Some monsters have now his old status
  • Tax of monsters not spawning according to town's number of npcs were nerfed.
  • Space Gun fixed
  • Introducing Gun n Run mode.
  • Some Unobtainable items will now be obtained according to your Dungeon Hi-Score,at his vendors.
  • Reduced performance drop when talking to a npc
  • New Title bar texts

14th September 2012

  • Eaters from sky event now spawn eaters.
  • Some bosses like Eater of worlds,and summon of some bosses were hardened.
  • Digging,wood cutting,and destroying now give you exp,according to the block being destroyed.
  • Queen slime now have a special attack.
  • Some class change quests objectives changed.
  • Added a few number of quests.
  • The clothier will give the thief class quest too.
  • If Scary events option is off,hellstone ores will no longer release lava
  • Update 2
  • Eaters from the Sky event shall only spawn eater of souls,when the player have level above to 40

7th September 2012

  • "Other may cast" bug fixed on multiplayer *i hope*
  • Fixed exp multiplier on bloodmoon and other events,bugged by the new event system.
  • Update 2
  • Changed the town npc status at night from "Locking herself at home" to "Locking itself at home".

6th September 2012

Known as the day that the modder accidentally launched the classes*

  • Classes introduced,you start as a novice,novices can level up to 10.
  • At level 10,some npcs will offer you class quest,once completed,your class will change.
  • C uses the class skill,but their requisite will change according to the skill.

3th September 2012

  • New weapons,a new accessory
  • Maces introduced,discover by yourself how to get 'em(or use the guide)
  • Funny sound effects when a mace hit a enemy.
  • Added Eletric Sword as a Broadsword and Long Estoc as a short sword,that isn't so short...
  • Added Jungle Band,maden with a Band of Regeneration and Band of Starpower,and 15 Vines.
  • Update 2
  • Moon Shell introduced,be a werewolf,a merman,or a weremerman.
  • N Terraria is now 2.0.0
  • Other updates that i forgot.

31th August 2012

  • Vanishing npcs bug fixed
  • Quests will no more cause lag as hell on you,when the npc is trying to find one.
  • "!" marks above npcs heads added.
  • Dungeon Monsters now give loot correctly
  • Philosopher stone now reduces the potion sickness by 1/4.
  • Deerman no more immune to lava and fire blocks,but demons are.
  • Mummy debuff introduced,there is 1/3 chance of getting it by being hit by any mummy.
  • Event "Who have let they login?" introduced,eye of cthulhu and Skeletron have a chance of spawning on the start of a bloodmoon,will happen only at September.
  • Projectiles are now being shoot correctly.
  • Last day of August Fortune event,better collect your Polished Gold equipments as soon as possible.
  • Guide will now be turned into a werewolf at fullmoons,but i hope someone can translate what he say.
  • Worm Food have 0% suggar and is good with chocolate,says Eater of Worlds.
  • Space Gun shooting speed fixed.Thanks the accurate sight of the one who reported.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • ​Update 2
  • Quests objectives nerfed.
  • Exp given by a monster when killing a monster with attack exp activated have been increased.
  • Fixed the quest "Skullic Menance".
  • Added a new biome playlist folder,named MP3,put there the musics you wan't to listen all the time.
  • Fixed horns being shown on morphs.
  • And other things i forgot.

28th August 2012

  • No more meteorite set intervention when trying to use space gun,but need testing
  • Npplayers AI changed
  • Exp method changed,the exp will only have modification,according to the level of the player that will get the exp.
  • Quest Synchronization between client and server introduced,but need more testing.
  • Monsters status boost rules changed.
  • Monsters exp method changed,attack exp will only give you the monsters status bonus,but the no attack exp had no changes.
  • Eye of Cthulhu tried to spy the players and got banned from the server
  • I forgot the other updates.
  • Hardmode Dungeon monsters will no longer have twice health.

26th August 2012

  • Monsters have now a fair status according to who they have been summoned for
  • Antmens will no more have his health healed with the OnFire debuff,demons will.
  • Magic items will no more auto trigger and stuck your character,but weapons meleeable still there.
  • Server and Client Monster Status Synchro betterized,no more dizzy EOC,Yupi!
  • New Madra Rua tail
  • Antmens status changed
  • Other races will still be affected by the debuffs,as it must
  • Monsters will no more vanish,when you give him the last hit.Will this fix the dungeon loot bug?
  • Test of Team EXP sharing launched
  • the bosses have again status boost every 25 levels,no more at every 25+1 levels
  • Bound Mechanic,Goblin and Wizard no more are being disabled when they spawn.
  • Update 2
  • No more BOOM exp when kill a monster with Attack Exp on
  • Shared exp will only be shared if someone kill a monster.
  • Events now happen on server.
  • ExpMultiplier updated to the current rates
  • The servers now have the new funny tombstones texts
  • Suspicious Looking Eye still suspicious

From 18th August 2012 to 25th August 2012

  • Treasures now respawn.
  • N Terraria Server released.
  • Start Max exp changed from 25 to 125.
  • Changed Dungeon scoring interface
  • Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu now releases boulders,when chasing you on the second form.

17th August 2012

  • Eater no more leech mana when you are on a server.
  • New sprites to the custom mobs
  • Harder Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu
  • Monsters aggro now working as it must
  • You can see the monster's target by passing the mouse over them.

16th August 2012

  • Monsters have a aggro check,if he was been attacked by someone before,they will ever focus the one that did most damage,and that's alive or near her.
  • Npplayers jump script have been fixed,if they try to jump for 3 miliseconds,the jump command will be released,and them he'll be able to jump again.
  • No more 0 scale monsters,but need some testing.
  • Monsters status were fixed,they will no more be generated with more than his max health,or the life lower than his max life.

15th August 2012

  • No more goblin face on most playable characters,only goblins will have goblin face
  • Removed lag/crash causer thing
  • Npplayers will start with the player's full equipment,and first row of inventory items.
  • Added a special attack to the unicorns(mad face)

14th August 2012

  • Some bug fixes for the client and server connection
  • Fixed a bug that the playable character turn into a npplayer
  • Changed the way the npcs get quests,avoiding lag in-game.
  • Added a change tail option at the character creation menu
  • Monsters Elite and Boss variants will have minions.
  • Event Eaters from the sky will now summon monsters
  • Other news,but i forgot

13th August 2012

  • The race Demon will now be able to swin at lava,without damages,and will not be able to swin at water,and will get damage and cursed flames debuff if swin at water.
  • The NPPlayers will be able to use their racial skills(need testing)
  • NPCs Werewolves will now be able to use their special skills,if the players have their level above 75,beware!
  • No more lag 2 crash when trying to join or host and play a server on terraria(need testing)
  • New Event,Eaters from the sky,will happen every month,between the day 13 and 15,if the player have level 40 or more.
  • Update 2
  • Characters can now have their skin colors be changed on the character creation menu
  • Start exp increased from 25 to 75,if it's worse to level up,tell the modder.

10th August 2012

  • Madra Rua race now playable.
  • Almighty Staff item released,and is now a reset item,it shall drop with 1/100 chance from the Corpse Weeds
  • Update 2
  • The Races Demon and Deerman are now playable.
  • Special key changed from F to Q.
  • Demonstration of NPPlayers launched,since you don't give em anything valuable,or get it back when closing the game,because they will not be saved.
  • Dead Branchs are no more useable,and not even created a wooden block.
  • Update 3
  • Fixed bug that the npplayers does not respawn when exit and enter a map.
  • No more 99 axes.
  • Projectiles will have 99 stacks,ever.

9th August 2012

  • When changing the character race to human again,on the character creation,it will have the default skin color of the character,instead of the color of the last race you choose.
  • Sign bug fixed
  • Bosses summons and other parts of them will now have changes according to your level.
  • The life,damage and defense of the normal mode bosses will change,if they not have hardmode version.
  • Update 2
  • Werewolves have now a special power,just by pressing F
  • Health Bars added to the monsters,and the other player characters.
  • You can see the characters levels at the character selection menu.

8th August 2012

  • Zugitak race added,and now are playable.
  • I forgot the other update
  • Update 2
  • Zugitak now have his ears being shown,and a new tail sprite.

7th August 2012

  • Health bar launched,but not by the way you thought.
  • Fixed attack exp,lowbies monsters will no more give 2x exp.
  • Changes on NPPlayers.
  • - They can now equip accessories that they collect,if there's empty slot and isn't it already equiped
  • - If they have the accessory they looted,they will check if another npplayers have too,if they haven't,and have empty slot,they will equip it on the npplayer that haven't the item.

6th August 2012

  • Level up rules changed,the exp get on killing an enemy,when the attack mode is on,will be based on the enemy status.And without the attack mode,the killing exp will be based on the level difference between you and the monster.
  • Even the attack exp will be capped,according to the monster level difference from your one.
  • Goblin day minimum level increased to 55.
  • Update 2
  • Attack Exp mode,the kill exp was been divided by 5.

5th August 2012

  • Fortune slimes are now Fortune Slimes,i think.
  • Update 2
  • Rate of spawning Fortune Slimes increased to 1/35.
  • Skeleton playable character created
  • Exp calculator added on the client files
  • Two new quests were added.Because today i'm out of creativity

4th August 2012

  • Goblins (and other monsters of the fighter's AI) will no more perish at the day.
  • Bosses have a small status increase if the player have level 25,and other at level 50.
  • Quest Marks added to npcs,but not tested yet.
  • Update 2
  • Quest Marks removed,they was causing stuttering when npcs get tasks.

3th August 2012

  • Fixes to the biome playlists,that haven't been working as it must,now,if the playlist ends,or change the biome,it will be back to the music one.
  • Added an interface that allow you to change the currently playing music.
  • Goblin race launched,it have a boost of 25% mining speed.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of Fortune slimes,also,someone have seen the fortune slime?I still have not seen it.
  • Update 2
  • When using a Phasesaber,you can toggle it to a phase rapier,or a phase rapier to phasesaber,everytime,without requierements.
  • Dungeon spawn rate will no more be worse everytime you get a higher score.
  • Goblins will be baldy.
  • Spike balls and Blazing discs will have damage increased according to your score at the dungeon.
  • You will only receive score from the dungeon monsters,if you are inside the dungeon.
  • Water Bolt have their damages increased,but it's life will not,each bolt will give also 5 score.
  • Update 3
  • Crash proof if you haven't any music at the biome playlist.
  • Update 4
  • The following changes have been made to the Goblin Race.
  • Pickaxe Speed increased in 25%.
  • There's 1/500 chance of getting extra ammo,if the ammo slots are occupied and the ammo aren't on the full stack.
  • Melee damage multiplied by 95%
  • Ranged damage multiplied by 110%
  • Defense multiplied by 90%

2th August 2012

  • Biome Playlist is in,it can be found at your local driver directory(Ex:C:\) at N_Terraria_Music directory,the file names can't have spaces,use _ instead.
  • August Fortune event is in.Find the golden slime,kill it,and have your random reward.
  • No more boss 2 music when a watcher spawn.
  • Tyrfing will be usefull at dungeons....

31th July 2012

  • Crash Boom Bangs does not happens anymore,when creating a new world.
  • Fixed mobs scales,they WILL now change as it must,and will not bug the npc hit area.
  • Graveyard will now require 12 tombstones to be made,not 12/4.
  • The Skullic Archers are now here,with their multi arrows.

30th July 2012

  • An alpha of the quests have been released.
  • modifiers fixed,nerfed a bit,also the mobs scale.
  • Update 2
  • Fixed mission "Bullet Bill" bullets spawn,and made the mission "Eater of Newbies" require you to kill Eater of Worlds,instead of Tim.
  • Update 3
  • No more 0 spawns after completing 2 mission quests.
  • Increased the random task time of the npcs,i do not wan't to make the players get bored.

29th July 2012

  • Starveds shall now spawn at hardmode only,and at the Devil's Lair.
  • The weapons Golden Maiden and Diamond Maidens use time were reduced.
  • Mobs have variants,which can increase or decrease their powers.
  • Update 2
  • Hellbats shall now spawn again.
  • Monsters that summon other monsters or parts(like as the worms) will now have their size modifier according to the summoner.
  • Update 3
  • No more Dungeon Guardian menance at the underworld,or near it.
  • A new monster,Watcher,is on the Devil's Lair.

28th July 2012

  • Max mana is now...Wait,no,i removed the mana cap.No more 400 mana 4 evur.I hope

27th July 2012

  • No more Starveds at the underworld,until you not reach the hardmode.
  • Deep Biomes added,it will be triggered if you reach too deep the world,but not reach the underworld.
  • Nerfed Graveyard spawnrate.
  • Iron chain can now be equipable.
  • Sky biomes now works as it must.
  • Fixed a bug at the transitions from the surface to underground biomes.
  • Scary sounds can be played during nightmare event.

25th July 2012

  • Bug with the werewolves and mermans arms are now fixed.
  • New monsters to the hardmode Jungle and Underworld.
  • Fixed a bug,that if you kill a monster that have 10 levels or minus than your,you get 2x exp.
  • The zone information will have different color according to your level.
  • Changed the way the monsters status will be allocated,according to their level.
  • Custom monsters shall give exp,now.
  • Some buffs had their status increased,to be fair according to your level(believe-me,when you are at level 100,you will not wan't only 8 of aditional defense)
  • Update 2
  • No more worm onslaught at desert if you have less than level 25
  • A custom item introduced,test it and say what you think.

24th July 2012

  • Weird things shall happens at nightmare
  • New events list layout
  • Graveyard biome now exists,need 6 or 8 tombstones to be valid,but beware.
  • Fixed the mistake of inverted levels,at surface day and night biomes
  • A new zombie will spawn at hardmode night's,instead of the common zombie,same thing valid to the graveyard
  • A spoiler is visible here...
  • Fixed the multi zombie spawn when a npc dies(i hope)
  • Dungeon mobs have their own predef scores,instead of the last method.
  • Messed a but with the interface,i hope you liked
  • "Hey,i found more skullic monsters,at the graveyard at hardmode"
  • Preview of portuguese brazilian translation is in-game,but i do not recommend you to play with the translation.It's not done yet.
  • The magic crystals are here,with it has come the max mana cap of 300
  • Never trust on guide....Wait,that's another movie
  • Jungle have now different hardmode level
  • The name of the end,have been changed to Devil's Lair,and requierements changed to level 85,instead of 75
  • On exit a Dungeon,a exp reward will be given to you.

17th July 2012

  • Monster infos will have different colors according to their level difference,between his level and your.
  • Experience per level is now the default exp method,and you can't change it.
  • Option to show or not vanity body and legs on werewolves and mermans.
  • Bosses will have the same justice as the other monsters.
  • Since Level 50,you can craft Health Crystals,that can rise your max health up to 800.
  • Since Level 50,you can craft Magic Crystals,that can rise your max mana up to 300.
  • At hardmode,some of your status will be doubled,and some will be nerfed.
  • Surface biome now works as it must,and have a hardmode version.
  • Also the Underground and Cave have a hardmode version too.
  • A new interface object,that show's your current biome,minimun and maximun level of the monsters.
  • Bats and Slimes special attacks works as it must.
  • Purple Spiky Thing can be placed anywhere by using it's seed....e.e
  • Arrows and Bullets will stack up to 500 when you reach level 50.
  • Other changes that i forgot.
  • Update 2
  • Added an option on the Options menu,that if checked,will give exp to the player,if he attacks the enemy.
  • Changed the sintax of one of the options.
  • New options will now be saved.
  • Update 3
  • Fixed the coin bug.

16th July 2012

  • Vengefull Eye of Cthulhu does not nerf anymore,when at hardmode.
  • On pass the mouse through a monster,you can see it's damage and defense.
  • A few monsters have different attack methods.
  • Eaters shall drain your mana,to heal their health,when their health is lower than it's max life divided by 2.
  • Slimes can hop into character head to start draining it's health.
  • Skeletron will grab any monster or npc to heal herself,even if the grabbed monster die on the process.
  • Skeletron will activate the Skelletron Curse,if the player have been hit by it's hands.Will last for 1 second.
  • Added a new option on the menu,that allow you to change the level up method.
  • One is the current N Terraria Level up method,that the final exp is based on the player status.
  • The other,is based on the level diference of the player and the monster.
  • A new monster have been added to the underworld,go discover who is the new monster,if you survive.
  • A new biome have been added to level range,the Sky biome.
  • Pet Bunnies will loot items that are on the screen.
  • Update 2
  • Deactivated Devscript(Oops.)
  • Skeletron curse will only be activated,when the skeletron hand maul your character,at hardmode,and will grab your character for 1 second.
  • Update 3
  • The old man will respawn at Hardmode,even if you have already defeat the Skeletron.But his name will be Necromancer.
  • Dungeon Keeper size reduced.

14th July 2012

  • Nerfed monsters status.
  • Health and Mana Potions stacks increased to 250.
  • Health Potions now have diferent cooldowns,depending of it's value.
  • Biomes levels changed.
  • New events.
  • Bunny Avenger introduced.
  • Update 2
  • Fixed bloodmoon status bonus on monsters.

12th July 2012

  • Added biome leveled monsters.
  • Created new potions types.
  • According to your level,the merchant will start selling new potions.
  • Monsters level changes their values too.
  • Added new events.
  • Added a random reward for those who kill bunnies.
  • Added new version of the corruption monsters,they will spawn according to your level.
  • Made Dungeon Guardian spawn at your house at midnight...Wait,no,i didn't.
  • Other changes that i forgot...

7th July 2012

  • Added biome leveled monsters.
  • Created new potions types.
  • According to your level,the merchant will start selling new potions.
  • Monsters level changes their values too.
  • Added new events.
  • Added a random reward for those who kill bunnies.
  • Added new version of the corruption monsters,they will spawn according to your level.
  • Made Dungeon Guardian spawn at your house at midnight...Wait,no,i didn't.
  • Other changes that i forgot...

6th July 2012

  • Some small changes
  • New events on the log.
  • Bloodmoon gives 1,5& more exp.
  • Also,the bloodmoon mobs are harder and dangerous....
  • Damages and speed status have been nerfed.
  • Forgot the raining test on...
  • When battling a boss,if you win a battle without being hit,you get double rewards.
  • After the midnight,starts the Nightmare event,the spawnrate and max spawns will double.
  • Some interface changes.
  • Update 2
  • Fixed Perfect Clear,now,if you kill any other monster on the battle,the perfect clear will not count as the boss have been defeated.

5th July 2012

  • bloodmoons gives 0.5% more exp.
  • Status points can be assigned now.
  • The monsters will be tougher according to your level.
  • Weapon damages now works as it must.
  • Status per level reduced from 1 to 0.5

4th July 2012

  • Added a Alpha calendar system.
  • Added the event Goblin Siege,will happens every day 6 of each month,when the player have level 35 or more.