White and fluffy
Ideal Class Thief
Max Health 75%
Max Mana 75%
Defense 85%
Melee Damage 100%
Melee Crit Damage 100%
Ranged Damage 100%
Ranged Crit Damage 100%
Magic Damage 100%
Magic Crit Damage 100%
Mana Cost 100%
Movement Speed 200%
Action Time 100%
Attack Speed 125%
Melee Speed 100%
Mining Speed 100%
Race Skills Can jump 10 blocks high
Special Attributes All stats beside Health and Mana are multiplied by 3 during a bloodmoon.

Knockback 5

1x2 block size.

Bunnies are incredibly fast, fragile, and small creatures, perfect for a thief class character.

Their main ability lies in becoming corrupted in bloodmoons, where all of their stats increase dramatically, and they take on a purple color equal to that of a regular corrupt bunny. This coloring can be replicated with Shadow Armor, as well. Bunnies are also the smallest playable race in the mod, being a mere 1x2 blocks tall, capable of fitting into most, if not all passages, and allowing them to make living space out of spare room in the homes of other players, for example. Unfortunately, there is a bug with bunnies that causes them to become invisible when wearing hardmode armor, due to a lack of sprites for it.

Bunnies are playable as of the latest version of Nterraria, but can fall through floors when jumping in small spaces, and are incapable of using shortswords properly.

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